Workshop overview:
Day 1

Take proven tests to find out who you are
Perform a personal life review
Uncover the secret to your personal significance

Day 2

Have space in which to visualise what your significant outcomes in life should be
With the help of the group and the leaders, affirm and refine your outcomes
Create a life map in order to retain what has been discovered during the workshop

Workshop Outcomes:

As a direct result of the workshop, people have decided to take up leadership of a global organisation, move away from the home they have lived in for 20 years, start new habits, spend more time with the family, start a new business, shelve plans to start a business, continue in their current role but with increased passion and clearer purpose. The new plans that emerge are as varied as the individuals that have taken part. One participant said that attending the workshop was like ‘having ten years of personal development crammed into two days’. Everyone, however, comes away feeling more enlightened about themselves than before and having greater clarity on future plans and what they need to do next.


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"... A great strength of the workshop is the multi-faceted approach that gives a better balanced and more informed picture about me and my dreams, to enable me to act on them. Many thanks for everything! ..."